4Ever450 is a nonprofit organization based in Phoenix, Az that supports artists of all kinds.

We aim to amplify the creation and connections of the performing and fine arts.

Our Goal

4Ever450 is looking to continue to spread it's frequency worldwide and help support more artists of all kinds in their success and creative journey. 

Our Story

4Ever450 began with the idea to amplify the creation and connection of the performing and fine arts within the community. We realized there was a yearning for creatives and artists to connect.

We saw that artists lacked resources and ways to unify and wanted to make that more convenient and accessible for artists to expand and grow in their craft and network.

4Ever450 was started to give people inspiration and community. It began as a movement in late 2010 unofficially in the Midwest, it was originally only for music and music artists, specifically hip-hop.

There was a need for this movement to become more, instead of a lifestyle, a living, we realized to bridge that gap it had to be for the community and instead of supporting a certain artistry, it grew to encompass artists of all kinds.

Currently, we are a multitier nonprofit that supports the local artist scene in Arizona and continues to expand in other locations.

Our Board of Directors 

William Thomas

President & Founder

Marina Mohan

Secretary & Founder

Kenyell Hutchins 

Treasurer & Founder

Nelson Thomas

Board of Directors

Adam French

Board of Directors

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