We Can't Spell Community Without Unity


We aim to amplify the creation and connection

of the performing and fine arts within

the community. 

Our aim is to provide opportunities for growth, education, marketing, and showcases through community collaboration.


To create a world that celebrates

and supports the performing

and fine arts.

Upcoming Events:

Phoenix Hold'em, Field Trip Tour, College of Hip Hop Knowledge

Previous Events:

Fist of Fury Music Fest 4/20/24

Plug'd In: AZ 4/6/24

Plug'd In: AZ 3/8/24

Plug'd In: AZ 2/2/24

Plug'd In: AZ 12/30/23

Plug'd In: AZ 10/27/23

Plug'd In: AZ 9/15/23

Frequency Pop Out: AZ 3/9/24

Home in the Park, Phx Az

Frequency Vibe Nights:

Crazy Pita, La Vegas

3rd Annual New Years Day Visual Showcase 1/1/2024

Meraki Kava Bar, North Phoenix

Giving Tree Cafe Open Mic (Phoenix, Az) 2022-2023

Jokes N' Jams 7/29/23: Meraki Kava Bar, Az

For Tha Luv of Art 5/6/23 Meraki Kava Bar, Az

Visual Showcase 1/1/23 Vibez Lounge, Az

Vibez Lounge - Next Play Entertainment, Az

Artist Workshops

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